Hilo Volcano by Air and Land
Vendor: Paradise Helicopters
Category: Helicopter
Location: Hawaii
Paradise Helicopters offers another option to our popular Hawaii Experience tour. The Volcano and Valley Landing tour is the same tour route as the Hawaii Experience with the addition of a landing at an exclusive location accessible only with Paradise Helicopters. Take the opportunity to get out of the helicopter and experience this amazing wonder of the world first hand. Breathe in the clean air, smell the beautiful foliage, listen to the birds, and step in to a crisp mountain stream. Top off your trip to Hawaii with our Volcano and Valley Landing tour! If you, your family and friends would like a more private experience, we offer these two amazing tours as charters. Charter the entire helicopter for a personalized experience you will never forget. The Big Island's five volcanoes in tour order: Looking up from Kona, Hualalai is the first volcano you will see. Standing over 8,000' above sea level, she provides an amazing backdrop for the small coastal town we call home. Last erupting in 1801, she is still considered active but currently taking a break! Mauna Loa is the largest and most active volcano on Planet Earth. Standing 13,679' above sea level, she is by any standards a large mountain. Measured from her base, she is the largest volcano, mountain or object on our planet standing a massive 54,000' tall. Her sister volcano, Mauna Kea, is 13,796' above sea level, the highest point above sea level in the Hawaiian chain. Currently dormant, her summit is home to the worlds most advanced observatories. Mauna Kea provides unique conditions coveted by astronomers world wide. The current eruption of Kilauea is where we could have the unique opportunity to see molten lava! Continuously erupting since 1983, The Pu`u O`o vent of Kilauea is the longest, continuous volcanic eruption in recorded history. Accessible only by helicopter, Kohala is the oldest volcano on the Island. Considered extinct by volcanologists, it last erupted over 70,000 years ago. Kohala's age is what makes it unique on the Big Island. Tens of thousands of years of rain, wind and exposure have carved out some of the most breath taking landscapes on the island. Deep valleys and tall, cascading waterfalls make the oldest volcano on the island unforgettable! Other highlights: The town of Hilo, second only to Honolulu in population, is the largest town on the Big Island. Hilo has many of the qualities we think a tropical island town should have. Rainforests, lush green landscapes, a busy port, amazing waterfalls, and old Hawaii charm! Hilo has it all. The Hamakua Coast is an amazing stretch along the northeast coast of the island with waterfalls and rainforests. Hundreds of waterfalls and rivers make this landscape lush and green. Beautiful coastal communities and mountain roads give this area a warm and inviting feel. The Kohala and North Kona resort area is home to many of the islands most exclusive hotels and resorts. Fly along the coast and see some of the most amazing beaches and bays the island has to offer. Crystal clear blue and emerald waters, coral reef and white sand beaches are the norm for this unique stretch of coastline. Details Approximately a three (3) hour adventure with a landing in a remote valley - two hours in the air; one on the ground. Six passengers Five out of six seats are window seats Only company to offer 2-way communication with the pilot and each other Current activity at Kilauea Volcano Amazing white and black sand beaches Hundreds of waterfalls 2,000' valley walls Breathtaking coastlines 11 different climate zones $50 per person upgrade charge for guaranteed seating; you will be guaranteed window seats. (weight and balance restrictions apply)
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